Pressure Treated Materials

Pressure treated materials are a must when it comes to the longevity of your fence or other wood projects. The treatment helps guard against bug damage and water damage which are the two main contributing factors when it comes to the deterioration of a piece of wood. All of our pressure treated materials are treated for ground contact and are an attractive redish/brown "cedar" tone, which blends well with cedar and redwood applications.

Eliason Lumber can supply pressure treated materials in all different dimensions for residential projects, commercial projects, and agricultural projects.

-2x6 random lengths }
-2x8 random lengths } Great for wood retaining walls
-2x10 random lengths }
-2x12 random lengths }
-4x4x7' posts
-4x4x8' posts
-4x4x10' posts
-4x6 random lengths
-6x6 random lengths
-treated round lodge pole 8' and random lengths